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    Part C, Medicare Advantage

    Medicare Advantage is a kind of Medicare health plan that you can get from a private insurance company. This kind of health plan still gives you all the benefits you get with traditional Medicare and possibly more.

    Some Medicare Advantage plans include prescription medicine coverage (Part D). You may also get coverage for dental, hearing, vision, and wellness programs.

    When you have Medicare Advantage, you have to follow all of the plan's rules. For instance, you need to use doctors in the plan’s network.

    Plans may have different limits on out-of-pocket costs. So make sure to compare plans before you sign up for one.


    Part D, Prescription Drug Benefit

    Medicare Part D is also called the Medicare prescription drug benefit. If you use Medicare, you can join a private health plan that pays for prescription drugs. This coverage is called Part D. Each insurance company that offers a Part D plan decides which drugs it will cover and what they will cost. You'll need to look carefully at the details of each plan before you choose one.

    You pay a monthly fee, called the premium, to get prescription drug coverage. You still pay the monthly fees for Part B if you have it.

    You can also get Part D benefits by joining one of these types of plans:

    • A Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan that has a prescription benefit
    • A Medicare Cost Plan with prescription medicine benefits

    The premium you pay for one of these plans includes medicine coverage.

    You need to make the decision to get Part D coverage as soon as you're eligible because if you wait, you may need to pay a late enrollment penalty.

    If you can't afford a prescription drug plan, financial help may be available.

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