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    Plantar Fasciitis

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    What Increases Your Risk

    You have a greater chance of developing plantar fasciitis if you:

    • Are middle-aged or older.
    • Walk with an inward twist or roll of the foot (pronation camera.gif) or have high arches or flat feet.
    • Are overweight or suddenly gain a lot of weight.
    • Have tight Achilles tendons (which attach the calf muscles to the heel bones) or tight calf muscles.
    • Have habits or do activities that increase the stress on your feet, such as:
      • Wearing shoes with poor cushioning.
      • Walking or running without being conditioned for these activities.
      • Changing your walking or running surface (for example, from grass to concrete).
      • Having a job that involves prolonged standing on hard surfaces.
    • Are an athlete or a member of the military. Some athletes, especially runners, are more likely to get plantar fasciitis because of:
      • Things that affect the way their feet strike the ground, such as not having enough flexibility in the foot and ankle or having stronger muscles in one leg than in the other.
      • The repetitive nature of sports activities.
      • Improper training.

    If you are a runner, you increase your chance of developing plantar fasciitis if you:

    • Abruptly change how hard or how long you run.
    • Run on steep hills.
    • Wear running shoes that do not have a cushioned sole, lack good arch support, or are worn out.

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    Last Updated: November 14, 2014
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