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    9. Get a stress-busting hobby.

    You can't avoid stress entirely. It’s part of a normal life. But you can choose how you deal with it.

    "I tell my patients that managing stress in a healthy way, whether it's meditation, yoga, or exercise, is really important," Sanghavi says. Having friends, a partner, or someone else you can lean on and talk to can also protect both your emotional health and your heart.

    10. Throw your heart a birthday party!

    You know that saying, "Not getting any younger?" It turns out you can get younger, at least when it comes to your heart health. Following all of these tips can help you keep a low "heart age," a tool created by the CDC to help people understand their true risk for heart disease.

    Heart age is based on risk factors you can change (like those above) and those you can't (like your age, gender, and family history). A 2015 CDC study found that 70% of Americans have heart ages older than their actual age: men by 7.8 years and women by 5.4 years, on average.

    It’s never too late to turn back the clock on your heart health, the CDC says. And knowing your heart age, and watching it come down over time, may be the motivation you need to make some of these important changes.

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