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Printable Debate Scorecard

Printable Debate Scorecard: Give the candidates a score of 1 to 5 in each category.

  1. Message
    Look for a concise message with no more than three points per topic. Use of stories to illustrate key points is a plus.

    Long-winded or rambling answers.
    Obvious gaffes, such as misstating a well-known fact.



  1. Speech Pattern
    Listen for natural rhythm and pacing.

    Awkward pauses and filler, such as “ummm.”



  1. Tone of Voice
    Listen for passion and confidence without arrogance.

    Monotone voice that expresses no passion.
    Angry tone that comes off as a rant or bluster.
    Rising pitch at the end of sentences.



  1. Posture
    Look for good posture – straight back, head high, and arms loosely at the sides.

    Slouching or resting on the podium.
    Standing with the legs together and arms stiffly at the sides.
    Leaning away from the person asking the question.



  1. Gestures
    Look for natural, fluid gestures – particularly those that show the palms.

    Unnatural or stiff gestures.
    Wild or over-the-top gestures.
    Gripping the podium tightly.
    Pointing or finger-wagging.
    Touching the mouth or nose while speaking.



  1. Facial Expressions
    Look for sincere smiles and relaxed, open expressions.

    Stoic face that reveals no emotion.
    Inappropriate or fake smiling.
    Poor eye contact.
    Blinking more often than usual.
    Scowling or rolling the eyes.
    Licking or biting the lips.







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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on September 25, 2008

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