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Self-Care for Sjögren's Syndrome

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Respiratory tract

  • Place a humidifier (and an air purifier, if you feel it helps) in your home and at work to increase your comfort.
  • Use nasal spray made of water and salt (saline) to help a dry nose or nasal congestion.


It is common for women with Sjögren's syndrome to experience vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

Vaginal moisturizing products help to replenish natural moisture and relieve discomfort. These products include:

  • Replens, a nonhormonal vaginal moisturizer that lasts for hours or even days.
  • K-Y Silk-e.
  • Vagisil Personal Moisturizer.

Vaginal lubricants can make intercourse more comfortable for you by relieving the friction you might experience if you have vaginal dryness. But vaginal lubricants do not add moisture to the vagina and are not useful for everyday moisturizing. Look for a water-based lubricant instead of an oil-based lubricant, which can interfere with the vagina's natural cleansing process. Vaginal lubricants include:

  • Astroglide.
  • Wet Lubricant Gel.
  • K-Y Jelly.
  • Maxilube.
  • Surgilube.


  • Take a nonprescription antacid or acid reducer, such as Pepcid or Zantac, when needed, to reduce heartburn.
  • Raise the head of your bed 6 inches to reduce the backflow (reflux) of stomach acid into your esophagus when you sleep.
  • See your doctor if you have heartburn or reflux that does not respond to self-care.

Energy (reducing fatigue)

  • Listen to your body. Alternate rest with exercise. Gradually doing more exercise may help lower your fatigue.
  • Limit medicines that might make you feel sleepy, such as those used to treat anxiety, colds, or pain. But do not stop or change your medicine usage before talking with your doctor.
  • Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. Improving your diet may increase your energy level.
  • Reduce your use of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, which tend to contribute to fatigue.

Comfort (relieving inflammation and pain)


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Last Updated: April 27, 2012
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