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    Understanding Anemia -- Symptoms

    What Are the Symptoms of Anemia?

    The symptoms of anemia vary according to the type of anemia, the underlying cause, the severity and any underlying health problems, such as hemorrhaging, ulcers, menstrual problems, or cancer. Specific symptoms of those problems may be noticed first.

    The body also has a remarkable ability to compensate for early anemia. If your anemia is mild or has developed over a long period of time, you may not notice any symptoms.

    Understanding Anemia

    Find out more about anemia:



    Diagnosis and Treatment

    Symptoms common to many types of anemia include the following:

    Other symptoms are associated with specific forms of anemia.

    Anemia Caused by Iron Deficiency

    People with an iron deficiency may experience these symptoms:

    • A hunger for strange substances such as paper, ice, or dirt (a condition called pica)
    • Upward curvature of the nails, referred to as koilonychias
    • Soreness of the mouth with cracks at the corners


    Anemia Caused by Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    People whose anemia is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B12 may have these symptoms:

    • A tingling, "pins and needles" sensation in the hands or feet
    • Lost sense of touch
    • A wobbly gait and difficulty walking
    • Clumsiness and stiffness of the arms and legs
    • Dementia



    Anemia Caused by Chronic Lead Poisoning

    Chronic lead poisoning may lead to these symptoms:


    Anemia Caused by Chronic Red Blood Cell Destruction

    Anemia caused by chronic red blood cell destruction may include these symptoms:


    Sickle Cell Anemia

    Symptoms of sickle cell anemia may include:

    • Fatigue
    • Susceptibility to infection
    • Delayed growth and development in children
    • Episodes of severe pain, especially in the joints, abdomen, and limbs


    Anemia Caused by Sudden Red Blood Cell Destruction

    Symptoms of anemia caused by sudden red blood cell destruction may include:


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