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    Understanding Mononucleosis

    Understanding Mononucleosis -- Symptoms

    What Are the Symptoms of Mononucleosis?

    The early symptoms of mononucleosis resemble those of the flu, including:

    • Severe fatigue
    • Headache
    • Sore throat, which sometimes can be very severe
    • Chills, followed by a fever
    • Muscle aches

    After a day or two, these additional symptoms of mono may occur:

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    Call Your Doctor About Mononucleosis if:

    • You have been experiencing mono symptoms -- especially for longer than 10 days -- or you have a severe sore throat for more than a day or two. You need to be examined by a doctor to rule out other illnesses, such as strep throat.
    • You develop swollen lymph nodes all over your body, which may be a sign of some other illnesses like cancer or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).
    • You develop severe abdominal pain, which may indicate a ruptured spleen. Seek emergency medical treatment immediately.
    • You have both a rash and headache, which might be signs of meningitis.
    • You develop a rash consisting of many tiny red spots (called petechiae), which could be a sign of a low platelet count or other serious illness such as meningitis.

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