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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About ADHD

Since you’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit.

1. Can some other conditions be misdiagnosed as ADHD? If so, which ones? Have they been ruled out?

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How do you put together an ADHD diet for yourself or your child? The first step is to be sure to talk with the doctor who is responsible for treating your ADHD. Why? Here are three good reasons: Your doctor is the person best qualified to judge whether the changes you wish to make might be effective for you. Your doctor may request special tests that can help determine how the brain functions, so that together you can decide which diet changes might help the most. Your doctor can help you...

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2. What could have caused it? Is ADHD inherited?

3. Is medicine necessary? Are there alternative treatments?

4. If medicine is needed, how does the medicine work? What are the side effects? Is long-term use harmful?

5. Could an exercise program help me?

6. Do people outgrow ADHD?

7. How will ADHD affect me? Where can I learn more about how to live with ADHD?

8. What, if any, special accommodations do you recommend for school, home, or work?

9. How often do I need to come for an office visit?

10. How can I explain ADHD to my friends, relatives, and coworkers?

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Reviewed by Patricia Quinn, MD on May 03, 2012

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