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    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults

    Problems at Work

    Adults With ADHD are more likely to:

    • Change jobs a lot and perform poorly
    • Be less happy with their jobs and have fewer successes at work

    Problems in Life

    Adults with ADHD are more likely to:

    • Get more speeding tickets, have their license suspended, or be involved in more crashes
    • Smoke cigarettes
    • Use alcohol or drugs more often
    • Have less money
    • Say they have psychological trouble like being depressed or have anxiety

    Relationship Problems

    Adults with ADHD are more likely to:

    • Have more marital problems
    • Get separated and divorced more often
    • Have multiple marriages

    How Is Adult ADHD Diagnosed?

    Look for a psychiatrist who has experience with diagnosing and treating people with ADHD.

    The doctor may:

    • Ask you to get a physical exam to make sure there aren’t other medical problems causing your symptoms
    • Take some blood from you and run tests on it
    • Recommend psychological testing
    • Ask you questions about your health history

    While experts don’t agree on an age that you can first diagnose ADHD, they do agree that people don’t suddenly develop it as an adult. That’s why when a doctor sees you they will ask about your behavior and any symptoms that you may have had as a child. They may also:

    • Look at school report cards. They’ll look for comments about behavior problems, poor focus, lack of effort, or underachievement compared to your potential.
    • Talk with your parents to see if you had any symptoms during childhood.

    People who have ADHD may have had trouble getting along with others when they were kids or had a hard time in school. Teachers may have had to work with you. For example, maybe you had to sit at the front of the class.

    They’ll also ask if anyone else in your family has ADHD. This can be helpful information because it does seem like ADHD runs in families.

    How Is Adult ADHD Treated?

    If your doctor says you have ADHD, you’ll work together to make a treatment plan just for you.

    Treatment plans can include medicine, therapy, education or learning more about ADHD, and getting family support.

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