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    Adult ADHD: Causes and Treatment

    What Causes Adult ADHD?
    It's more than just a lack of willpower. Learn about the possible causes, from heredity to environmental triggers.
    Getting the Right Treatment for Adult ADHD
    Adults with ADHD have effective treatment options, including medication and behavioral therapy. Find out what's right for you.
    Living With Adult ADHD
    Find out what adult ADHD looks like and how it's diagnosed. Learn which strategies you can use to manage your condition and take control of your life.

    Questions for Your Doctor

    1. 1.What ADHD treatments are best for adults?
    2. 2.Aside from ADHD medications, what else can I do? What about exercise and diet?
    3. 3.How do I explain my diagnosis to friends and family?
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    Why do you think you might have adult ADHD?