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    ADHD and Stress

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    Suggestions for Dealing With ADHD and Stress continued...

    Develop relaxation techniques

    Learn techniques for meditation or relaxation. Biofeedback may also be useful to help monitor your level of stress and how you respond to it.

    Remove stressors when appropriate

    Some stressors can simply be removed or avoided altogether. For example, for a child with ADHD, you may want to schedule play dates with only one other child and monitor the play closely. A teen or adult may want to cut back on extra activities during stressful times.

    Take control of your life wherever you can

    This can be especially helpful to children and teens who often feel lack of control of their ADHD. Older children and teens, for example, should be part of any school planning team that reviews the student's educational needs and plans. Adults may want to learn how to make ADHD-friendly career choices or ask for help to lessen stressors in the workplace.

    Maintain overall health

    Staying healthy helps you manage ADHD better and also helps your body respond more readily to any extra stress. Children, teens, and adults with ADHD can all take these steps to maintain health:

    Seek out support

    Friends, family, others with ADHD, and mental health professionals who understand ADHD can all help children, teens, and adults deal with stress. Here are some suggestions:

    • Teens and adults can benefit from working with an ADHD coach, a professional organizer, or a job coach.
    • Connect with groups that provide ADHD information and support.

    If you're not sure where to go for support, here are some places to start:

    Attention Deficit Disorder Resources (

    Children and Adults with AD/HD (

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