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    What Is Executive Function?

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    How to Manage Executive Function Problems

    Here are some tips from the National Center for Learning Disabilities:

    • Take a step-by-step approach to work.
    • Rely on visual organizational aids.
    • Use tools like time organizers, computers, or watches with alarms.
    • Make schedules and look at them several times a day.
    • Ask for written and oral instructions whenever possible.
    • Plan for transition times and shifts in activities.

    To improve time management:

    • Create checklists and estimate how long each task will take.
    • Break long assignments into chunks, and assign time frames for completing each one.
    • Use calendars to keep track of long-term assignments, due dates, chores, and activities.
    • Write the due date on the top of each assignment.

    To better manage space and keep things from getting lost:

    • Have separate work areas with complete sets of supplies for different activities.
    • Organize the work space.
    • Minimize clutter.
    • Schedule a weekly time to clean and organize the work space.

    To improve work habits:

    • Make a checklist for getting through assignments. For example, a student's checklist could include such items as: get out pencil and paper; put name on paper; put due date on paper; read directions; etc.
    • Meet with a teacher or supervisor on a regular basis to review work and troubleshoot problems.

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