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10 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician About Childhood Allergies

    Your child’s doctor has a lot of great information about allergies, but it's so easy to forget important questions when you're in the office. Here’s a list of key things to ask about kids' allergies. Print it and take it to your child’s next appointment.

    1. How do you know my child has nasal allergies? How can you be sure?
    2. What are the best over-the-counter or prescription medicines for my child, and what side effects should I watch for?
    3. Does my child also need allergy shots, further testing, or other treatment?
    4. Is there anything else I should do to help control the allergies, such as dusting the house more often?
    5. If my child gets a cough, especially at night, could that be related to nasal allergies?
    6. How can I tell the difference between allergy symptoms and a cold?
    7. We have pets. Do they make treating allergies harder?
    8. Should my child carry doses of epinephrine or wear a medical alert bracelet?
    9. Which symptoms are serious enough to see the doctor?
    10. When should my child see a specialist in addition to a pediatrician for allergy treatment?

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    Reviewed by Roy Benaroch, MD on October 21, 2014
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