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Spotting Hidden Allergy Triggers

Snuffling and sneezing? Allergy triggers are hidden everywhere -- is one of these bothering you?

Finding Hidden Allergy Triggers

If you're suffering from allergies but can't figure out the cause, you might feel a bit hopeless. But there are things you can do. First see a doctor, preferably an allergist or immunologist. He or she can make sure you really have allergies, as opposed to something else.

Allergy testing is a great way to nail down what allergens are causing you trouble. Unfortunately, there's no simple test to find out what irritants -- obvious or hidden -- might be causing your allergy symptoms. You just have to rely on trial and error, using yourself as a guinea pig, Windom says.

You can also consider hiring a company to do an environmental assessment of your home. Professionals might be able to find hidden allergy triggers that you can't. But it can be costly. See if your health care provider will pay for any of it, although don't get your hopes up.

Many people try another solution: surrender. In despair, they relocate, either to a new home in the area or somewhere far across the country. However, experts say this isn't a good idea. You might move across the country, but come back into contact with the same mystery allergen. Or you could just develop a new allergy.

So as tempting as it might be, outrunning allergies usually doesn't work. It's best to stick it out. With some time, dedication, and the help of an expert, you should finally be able to unmask the hidden allergy triggers that have been making your life miserable.

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Reviewed on January 08, 2008

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