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10 Outdoor Adventures With Allergies

Avoid allergy symptoms at outdoor events.


Prevent by: The general advice to use sunscreen, seek shade, and wear long sleeves applies to those who have the hive-like reaction to the sun, just as it does to others. Take along allergy medicines.

Once there: Antihistamines may help. If the reaction is severe, seek medical help right away.

Challenge #10: Gardening

The problem: Pollen from grasses, shrubs, trees, and weeds can all make gardening a challenge if you have allergies. But you can still enjoy a garden without sneezing.

Prevent by: Focus on plants that rely on insects for pollination, not the wind. That means planting brightly colored flowers, fruit trees, and shrubs. Among allergy-friendly flowering plants are begonia, cactus, daffodil, geranium, pansies, petunias, sunflowers, and phlox. Try St. Augustine grass. Plant azalea, hibiscus, or hydrangea. Allergy-friendly trees include apple, cherry, pear, and red maple. Consider a heavy-duty face mask, hat glasses, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt, which will all reduce contact with pollen.

Before you garden, be sure to take any allergy medications you typically use.

Once there: If pollen triggers allergic symptoms, shower and wash your hair. Change clothes to reduce your contact with pollen.

Reviewed on November 05, 2012

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