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    Hidden Allergy Triggers

    Is your home under attack? From roaches to bedding, find out what triggers home allergies, and how to get relief.

    Home Free: How to Allergy-Proof Your Environment

    44 Tips for an Allergy-Free Home
    You can stop allergy symptoms before they start. Try these quick tips to keep your home, car -- even your hotel room -- an itch- and sneeze-free zone.

    Allergy Symptoms

    Do You Have Allergies? 11 Symptoms to Watch for
    A little congestion, watery eyes, itchiness: Think you might have allergies? Find out if your symptoms are mild -- or a sign of something more serious.

    Allergy Medication for Allergy Symptom Relief

    Allergy Shots: Can They Offer You Lasting Relief?
    Tired of popping an allergy pill every day? Then allergy shots might be for you. Find out who benefits most from shots -- and who should avoid them.
    8 Allergy Relief Medicines & Their Side Effects
    Antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids: Which allergy medicine offers the symptom relief you need -- and what are the side effects?
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