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5. Flush More So You Can Blow Less continued...

If you’re super stuffed up during the day, you can add a third nasal wash around midday, Schachter says.

Although instructions are different for nasal-wash squeeze bottles and Neti pots, you can try this general recipe and how-to:

  • Mix 3 heaping tablespoons of iodide-free salt and a rounded teaspoon of baking soda together in a clean baggie or plastic container.
  • Then dissolve 1 teaspoon of this mixture into a cup of lukewarm distilled water. (You can sterilize your own water -- boil it, then let it cool.)
  • Fill a Neti pot or bulb syringe with the solution.
  • Tilt your head down and to the left over a sink while you empty about half the salt water into your right nostril, letting the water come out the other nostril. Switch sides. Breathe normally through your mouth.

6. Talk to Your Doctor Before Using Decongestant Meds

They can help treat a runny nose, so you don’t have to blow it as often. But these pills and sprays can also make the sensitive skin inside your nose feel worse.

“They tighten up blood vessels and lower blood flow to the area, both of which can cause discomfort and irritation,” Schachter says. Talk to your doctor about the risks, benefits, and what’s OK for you.

7. Sip Tea and Hot Soup

The steam that rises from a hot bowl of soup or a cup of tea moisturizes your skin and nasal passages. It can even help loosen up mucus deeper in your nose so that you can more easily blow it out later, Schachter says.

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