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Red Nose? Color Me Happy

"Any time you're congested, you tend to look more red around the nose," says Vadhera. So you want to use colors in your cosmetic arsenal to your advantage.

Invest in a golden or yellow-based concealer and stay away from those with beige and pink undertones. "That will really help to counter any redness on your face around your eyes and nose," she says. It's especially handy to cover up allergic shiners, or the dark circles that may appear under your eyes during allergy season.

Choose a deep blue or bright blue eyeliner and rim the inside of your eyes or try applying a blue mascara. "That brightens the whites of your eyes so it makes you look more rested and not like you're falling apart when you're having an allergy attack," she says.

The Tools of the Trade

Look for hypoallergenic makeup and read the labels closely. "Just because it says natural doesn't mean it is," Schlip says.

"If you're already having any issues, you don't want to increase it," she says. "We're trying to make you feel more confident and more beautiful so you don't want to add to the problem."

Sometimes women think they're allergic to cosmetics, but it's their makeup brushes that are triggering a reaction. Wash them before using and be sure to keep them clean. Also, clean or replace old powder puffs and sponges every two to three weeks.

"They transfer bacteria, so it's not worth [hurting] your skin and self-confidence," says Schlip.

Go Out With Confidence

Don't forget to drink water to stay hydrated all day. "Even though you're trying to cover up the outside, don't forget to work on the inside," Vadhera says.

If you're running late and don't have time to cover up your allergy symptoms, lipstick and a pair of sunglasses are your best accessories, Schlip says.

"Take five seconds, look in the mirror right before you go out the door and give yourself props," she says. "There's nothing more beautiful than a confident woman, especially if she's smiling. That's your best accessory. That's your best weapon."

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