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Fall Allergy Capitals: The Worst Cities for People With Fall Allergies

Dayton, Ohio Tops the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Fall Allergy Capitals List

The Rankings

Here is the AAFA’s list of the worst metro areas for people with fall allergies, from worst to best, along with scores for each city.


Dayton, Ohio 100.00

Wichita, Kan. 97.58

Louisville, Ky. 96.61

Knoxville, Tenn. 95.63

Jackson, Miss. 95.01

McAllen, Texas 93.69

Madison, Wis. 92.62

Springfield, Mass. 91.20

St. Louis 90.64

Oklahoma City 87.98

Philadelphia 86.30

Tulsa, Okla. 85.80

Chattanooga, Tenn. 85.76

Memphis, Tenn. 84.68

Greensboro, N.C. 84.57

Charlotte, N.C. 84.20

New York City 83.91

Birmingham, Ala. 83.58

Baton Rouge, La. 83.24

Richmond, Va. 82.85

New Orleans 82.68

Omaha, Neb. 81.43

Des Moines, Iowa 81.36

Kansas City, Mo. 81.15

Little Rock, Ark. 80.53

Columbia, S.C. 80.20

Virginia Beach, Va. 79.92

Providence, R.I. 79.39

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 79.30

San Antonio 79.10

Allentown, Pa. 79.10

Houston 77.96

Dallas 77.48

Syracuse, N.Y. 76.59

El Paso, Texas 76.47

Indianapolis 75.94

Detroit 74.76

Grand Rapids, Mich. 74.51

Augusta, Ga. 74.45

Scranton, Pa. 74.10

Buffalo, N.Y. 73.91

Columbus, Ohio 73.63

Charleston, S.C. 73.15

Greenville, S.C. 73.05

Toledo, Ohio 70.89

Pittsburgh, Pa. 70.72

Lancaster, Pa. 70.67

Milwaukee, Wis. 70.51

Nashville, Tenn 70.08

Youngstown, Ohio 69.82

Austin, Texas 69.50

Rochester, N.Y. 69.10

Atlanta 68.94

Riverside, Calif. 68.70

Bakersfield, Calif. 68.54

Washington, D.C. 68.39

Jacksonville, Fla. 67.89

Hartford, Conn. 67.68

Akron, Ohio 67.38

Baltimore 67.25

Orlando, Fla. 66.73

Las Vegas, Nev. 66.32

New Haven, Conn. 66.22

Cincinnati 65.82

Modesto, Calif. 65.50

Chicago 65.10

Tucson, Ariz. 64.75

Harrisburg, Pa. 64.61

Cape Coral, Fla. 64.52

Cleveland, Ohio 64.17

Minneapolis, Minn. 63.92

Lakeland, Fla. 63.27

Tampa, Fla. 63.20

Portland, Maine 61.16

Los Angeles 61.08

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