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    What to Do When Your Other Half Has Allergies


    Manage Outdoor Triggers

    Your better half will be happier if you don’t bring the great outdoors back inside with you. Try some of these tips:

    Post a note by the door asking people who come into your home to leave their shoes in the yard or on the porch so they don’t track pollen inside.

    Suggest that your partner use a mask when he works in the yard. Hint: The ones you get from a medical supplier place will filter pollen better that those from the hardware store. He might also swab a preventive nose gel on the outside of his nose before he does yard work or hangs out with an animal that sets off his allergies.

    Take on the chores that might cause allergies, and let him do the rest. You can dust and rake while he cooks and washes ups. If he just has to do some heavy cleaning or yard work, suggest an antihistamine first to help prevent a flare-up.

    If you have pets, brush and wash them outside. You’ll avoid stirring up dander in the house.

    Visit an Allergist Together

    If one person in a couple is living with sinus allergies, both are. If he hasn’t seen an allergist in a while, encourage a visit.

    You might also want to go along to learn more about treatments and other changes you can make around your home.

    With a little teamwork, both of you can breathe easier.

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    Reviewed by Luqman Seidu, MD on May 18, 2014
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