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8 Tips to Help Boost Memory

How do you cope with memory problems? How can you avoid getting lost?

Stress & Coping: Tips for the Family

Caregivers, here are 9 key things to know about Alzheimer's.

How can you make life better when you have Alzheimer's?

11 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.What is sundown syndrome?
  2. 2.When will an Alzheimer's vaccine be available?
  3. 3.Are hormones a treatment for Alzheimer's?
  4. 4.Are there any medications we should avoid?

Staying Well With Alzheimer's

Nutrition & Alzheimer's: How Diet Can Boost Energy
A well-balanced, nutritious diet gives you more energy, prevents constipation, and helps ease dry mouth. Help your body work well.
Beneficial Exercises for Alzheimer's Disease
Gardening, walking, water aerobics, yoga, and Tai Chi can all help people with Alzheimer's. How do you get started? Which exercise is best for you?

Helpful Support and Adapting the Home

Alzheimer's Disease: Counseling and Support

Ways to Help You Cope Emotionally

Counseling and support helps people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. But which type of therapy is right for you? And where do you start?

Adapting the Home for Alzheimer's

Adapting the Home for Alzheimer's

Create a safer, more comfortable living environment for you and your loved one. Here are tips for the bathroom, living rooms, and automobiles.

Who does Alzheimer's affect in your family?