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Blood Test May Spot Alzheimer's Before Symptoms Appear

Test Looks for Antibodies Specific to Alzheimer's Disease

New Blood Test for Alzheimer's: Perspective

Snyder calls the report exciting but also had many caveats. "I would call it preliminary," she says of Nagele's research. "It's a small study and a small sample."

As research on blood and other tests for Alzheimer's progresses, Snyder says, the measures must be standardized so people get the same results regardless of where the test is performed.

That has been an issue, for instance, in some cerebral spinal fluid tests, also being studied to detect Alzheimer's. "What we have seen, at least in cerebral spinal fluid [tests], is that it hasn't held up across different labs," she says.

She acknowledges some people may not want to know if the disease is in their future, but says knowing early has many advantages. "They can plan for their financial future, as well as their care," she says. "They can participate in clinical trials. When we do have therapeutic options available, the ultimate goal would be intervention."


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