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  1. The Secret Social Phobia

    June 11, 2001 -- Your friends are planning a day out at the ballpark, or the museum, or the mall. You'd love to join them, but instead, you make up an excuse and decline. You feel ashamed, unhappy, and utterly alone, but you will not reveal your secret: an inability to urinate in public restrooms th

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  2. Good Care Rare for Depression and Anxiety.

    Jan. 15, 2001 -- Most people with depression or anxiety just get along the best they can -- and do so without the benefit of proper medical help. That rather depressing news sparked more than a little anxiety in experts contacted by WebMD, who point out that the medications and counseling techniques

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  3. Can Kids Blame Their Parents for Social Phobias?

    Sept. 14, 2000 -- Teenagers are notorious for blaming all their problems on their parents. Sometimes they may be right, but just as often they may be wrong. But if your teen has a social phobia, he or she may have hit paydirt in the blame department. According to a group of American and German resea

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  4. Osteoporosis Drug May Take Edge off Anxiety

    Sept. 6, 2000 -- Researchers looking into bone-building effects of the osteoporosis drug raloxifene have stumbled onto an unexpected finding: It also appears to reduce anxiety levels in some postmenopausal women. "The major finding of the study that is unique was that raloxifene seemed to reduce anx

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  5. Popular Herb Works for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    Aug. 17, 2000 -- A little obsessive and compulsive behavior may be a good thing. It helps us make sure the iron is really off before we leave the house, or brush our teeth after every meal. But for those with diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder, life can become a nightmare of intrusive thoughts

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  6. Drinking to Quiet Anxiety

    Aug. 11, 2000 -- A cool beer sounds good on a hot summer day ... wine is fine at dinnertime ... a margarita would be sublime, with lime. People's tastes in spirits are vastly varied, as are their reasons for drinking. What type of mood is likely to inspire us to drink? Are we more likely to drink wh

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  7. You and Your Computer Can Fight Your Fears Together

    July 10, 2000 -- Are you unrealistically frightened of dogs? Or the dark ... or crowds? Have no fear: new research from Britain seems to point the way toward help ... and it's pointing -- and clicking -- right at your computer screen. Isaac M. Marks, MRCPsych, a British psychiatrist renowned for his

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  8. Anxiously Awaited News: Antidepressant Effectively Relieves Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

    June 20, 2000 -- For the first time, researchers have shown that the antidepressant Effexor XR provides long-term relief from the disabling symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. This is promising news to the millions of people in the United States who suffer from the condition. Effexor XR had ju

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  9. Yet Another Antidepressant May Help Treat Anxiety

    June 5, 2000 -- Effexor is a relative newcomer to the ever-growing ranks of antidepressant drugs. Now, researchers have discovered that, like many of the newer antidepressants, it also may be effective for treating people with anxiety disorders. A recent study found that Effexor, in its extended-rel

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  10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Runs in Families

    April 27, 2000 -- If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), there is a good chance that someone else in your family has it and that your own children are at higher risk for getting it, too. OCD is a psychiatric disorder in which a person experiences obsessions or recurrent, persistent thought

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