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  1. Missing Brain Protein Tied to Panic Disorder

    Jan. 22, 2004 -- Panic disorder has now been linked to a missing protein -- a key component in chemical messaging in the brain, a new study shows. The study, which appears in this week's Neuroscience, sheds new light on the phenomenon of panic disorder -- the intensely fearful "out-of-the-blue" symp

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  2. Panic Attack Isn't Cowardice.

    Editor's note: On Nov. 7, 2003, Army officials reduced the charges against Sgt. Georg-Andreas Pogany to dereliction of duty. The cowardice charges were dropped, The New York Times reports. His military trial has been rescheduled. Nov. 6, 2003 -- A rare case of a U.S. soldier facing trial for being "

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  3. Parents Prefer Counseling Over Drugs

    Oct. 16, 2003 -- New research shows, most parents would rather send their children to a therapist than treat them with medications to relieve their anxiety. The survey shows that parents choose this option because they may be concerned about the potential side effects of medications used to treat so

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  4. Acupuncture Calms Mom's Stress, Anxiety

    Oct. 15, 2003 -- A parent's anxiety leaps when their child is going into surgery. But a new study shows acupuncture needles -- carefully placed around the mother's ear -- can decrease her anxiety. When moms are less anxious, there's less anxiety in children, experts say. Auricular or ear acupuncture

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  5. Unlearning Fear: Lessons From Mice

    Oct. 7, 2003 -- Dog bites man, and man fears dogs forever. But by putting man and dog in the same room for blocks of time, man may learn to get past his anxiety disorder. Among psychologists, the learning process that can occur to extinguish one's fear is known as exposure therapy -- exposing someon

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  6. Women: More Panic Attacks in Midlife

    Sept. 22, 2003 -- After age 50, a woman is at high risk for panic attacks -- especially if she has faced stressful life events and health problems. That's the finding from a new study in this week's Archives of Internal Medicine. Panic attacks are a distinctive form of anxiety more common in women t

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  7. High-Intensity Exercise Best for Anxiety

    July 16, 2003 -- A new study shows that turning your exercise intensity up a few notches reduces stress and anxiety -- especially for women over 35. For decades, health experts have been at odds about how much exercise actually makes a difference on stress and anxiety. Most of them agree that a mode

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  8. Health Insurance Worries Beat Stock Woes

    May 1, 2003 -- Most Americans are more concerned about being able to afford health insurance and having access to the best available health care than losing money in the stock market or losing their jobs. A new survey shows 36% of Americans say they're very worried that the amount they pay for healt

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  9. Returning to Normalcy in Times of Stress

    March 25, 2003 -- This is usually the time of year when college basketball fans are glued to their TVs watching "March Madness." But this March, as you probably have noticed, something else is capturing our attention. Experts say in times of increased stress and anxiety, maintaining your everyday ro

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  10. Record Anxiety Levels Over Terrorism

    Feb. 21, 2003 -- Look around you: Fights in hardware stores over duct tape. Cops patrolling Wall Street and Main Street in gear that looks like it came from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. A new spike in anxiety, perhaps even in your own home, not felt since the nail-biting days of Sept. 11. Nearly

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