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  1. Social Phobia? Drugs, Therapy Work Equally Well

    Oct. 4, 2004 -- For relief from social phobia, antidepressants or talk therapy will work equally well. Combining the therapies, however, does not provide any greater benefit, new research shows. In the U.S., social phobia is a widespread problem -- one that leads to suicide attempts, numerous health

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  2. How to Maximize Life Satisfaction

    Aug. 18, 2004 -- Want a more satisfying life? Overcoming any depression you may feel and improving your outlook on life might make the difference, researchers say. Depression and positive emotions and cheerfulness are the personality traits that most influence life satisfaction, report Canadian psyc

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  3. New Insights on Anxiety, Sleep Disorders

    Aug. 18, 2004 -- Millions of people are affected by anxiety and sleep disorders. Now, researchers may be one step closer to understanding -- and eventually resolving -- these complicated conditions after studying a newly discovered brain protein.   The protein is called neuropeptide S, and it "poten

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  4. Americans Pressed for Time but Fewer Stressed

    May 5, 2004 -- Nearly half of Americans feel they just don't have enough time in the day to do what they want in their lives, according to a new Gallup poll. But researchers say the results show that despite feeling pressed for time, fewer Americans say they're stressed out on a daily basis. The pol

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  5. Therapy Eases Hypochondriacs' Physical Pain

    March 23, 2004 -- How can patients be "cured" when they continue to believe they are seriously ill despite all medical reassurances and other evidence to the contrary? It's a question that has long stymied doctors who treat the one in 20 Americans with hypochondria. Now, a possible answer: Cognitive

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  6. Busy Hands in Hard Times May Prevent PTSD

    March 9, 2004 -- Keeping your hands busy during a traumatic event may help ward off posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new study. Researchers say the findings may explain why worry beads and other traditional practices designed to distract people from their troubles are popular and

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  7. Missing Brain Protein Tied to Panic Disorder

    Jan. 22, 2004 -- Panic disorder has now been linked to a missing protein -- a key component in chemical messaging in the brain, a new study shows. The study, which appears in this week's Neuroscience, sheds new light on the phenomenon of panic disorder -- the intensely fearful "out-of-the-blue" symp

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  8. Panic Attack Isn't Cowardice.

    Editor's note: On Nov. 7, 2003, Army officials reduced the charges against Sgt. Georg-Andreas Pogany to dereliction of duty. The cowardice charges were dropped, The New York Times reports. His military trial has been rescheduled. Nov. 6, 2003 -- A rare case of a U.S. soldier facing trial for being "

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  9. Parents Prefer Counseling Over Drugs

    Oct. 16, 2003 -- New research shows, most parents would rather send their children to a therapist than treat them with medications to relieve their anxiety. The survey shows that parents choose this option because they may be concerned about the potential side effects of medications used to treat so

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  10. Acupuncture Calms Mom's Stress, Anxiety

    Oct. 15, 2003 -- A parent's anxiety leaps when their child is going into surgery. But a new study shows acupuncture needles -- carefully placed around the mother's ear -- can decrease her anxiety. When moms are less anxious, there's less anxiety in children, experts say. Auricular or ear acupuncture

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