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  1. Parkinson's Treatment Reduces Obsessions

    Oct. 24, 2002 -- A treatment for Parkinson's disease seems to also benefit people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to two case reports from France. The paper describing these cases appears in the Oct. 26 issue of The Lancet. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disor

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  2. Mice Reveal Key to Conquering Fear

    Oct. 16, 2002 -- Researchers say they've identified a unique molecular process in the brain of mice that's responsible for conquering fear. The finding could point to new treatments for anxiety disorders. The study shows that certain electrical switches in the brain, known as L-type voltage-gated ca

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  3. Age of (Even More) Anxiety

    The D.C. sniper. Bioterror. West Nile virus. Sept. 11. War abroad; terrorism at home. The threats and traumas multiply, yet there's little we can do about them. It's the age of anxiety. It started building long before Sept. 11. A recent study showed that Americans reported much higher levels of anxi

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  4. Childhood Growth Linked to Adult Stress

    Oct. 4, 2002 -- The smaller someone is at birth and as a young child, the more psychological problems that person might have as an adult. That's the finding of a new study that looked at thousands of people throughout their lives. Researchers already knew that low birth weight and poor weight gain a

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  5. Laid-Back Mice Provide Anxiety Clues

    Oct. 2, 2002 -- Some mice just naturally seem to deal with stress and anxiety better than others, and researchers say humans may soon benefit from this genetic quirk. A new study shows mice that lack a certain enzyme are much more sensitive to their own calming brain chemicals. And the authors sugge

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  6. Still Feeling Jumpy?

    The trauma of Sept. 11 continues for many Americans in the form of "feeling jumpy" or anxious as they go through their daily activities. Jerilyn Ross of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America says that's normal. "Right now, many people are having trouble sleeping, feeling very emotional, or ex

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  7. Marijuana-Like Compound Banishes Fear

    -->Aug. 2, 2002 -- What makes fearful memories go away? It's a natural brain chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, mouse studies suggest. The findings may lead to new treatments for people who experience overwhelming but inappropriate fear. Such fears are a hallmark of posttraumati

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  8. Antidepressant Treats Severe Anxiety in Children

    -->May 29, 2002 -- An antidepressant drug may be just what the doctor ordered for children suffering from disabling anxiety. "These children are often in therapy [to help them manage their anxiety] but we've never had a good [drug] treatment for generalized anxiety disorder [in children]," researche

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  9. Air Travelers More Stressed After 9/11

    March 27, 2002 -- Checking in at the airport and flying in an airplane will never be same after the tragic events of Sept. 11, and a new study shows air passengers are feeling the stress. The survey found the number of commercial air travelers that say they now find flying to be at least somewhat st

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  10. Business Trips Cause Stress at Home

    March 8, 2002 -- Stressed out by your spouse's frequent business trips? You're not alone. Partners of frequent business travelers are three times as likely to suffer mental health problems, says a new study. "It is beginning to be understood that the boundary between the workplace and the home is pe

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