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Assistive Devices for Any Room

These helpful devices can assist you in any room in your house.

  • Reachers: These long-handled devices with a gripping tool at the end can help you reach and grab items that are out of reach. Some come with a magnet at the tip for help picking up small metal objects.
  • Key turners: A large plastic key turner will give you more leverage when turning keys. Some models hold more than one key.
  • Doorknob grips: Place these plastic grips over your doorknobs to make opening doors easier.
  • Lamp switch adapters: These plastic adapters give you a larger grip to turn small lamp switches.
  • Lightweight vacuum cleaner: Choosing a lightweight vacuum cleaner will make it easier to move it around the house.
  • Grocery carts: These carts with wheels can help you avoid straining joints. Use them to carry heavy or bulky objects, such as groceries, laundry, or garbage. Also look for suitcases with wheels and long handles.
  • Pencils and pens: Look for pencils with padded grips and pens padded with gel.
  • Spring-loaded scissors: These scissors are spring-loaded to make it easier to cut through almost any type of material. You just need to squeeze gently to make a cut.

Assistive Devices for Your Yard

There’s no need to give up gardening or yard work because of arthritis. These simple tools can help.

Garden kneeler: These tools let you work in your garden without straining your back or knees. There are many styles available, from kneeling pads, to short stools that you can use for kneeling or sitting.

Garden tools: Look for garden tools with larger or longer handles and lightweight garden hoses. A tool pouch or wheeled garden cart can be an easy way to keep garden tools within arm’s reach.

Whatever household task you need assistance with, chances are there’s a device that can help. Ask your doctor, occupational therapist, or physical therapist what devices might be most helpful for you.

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