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Bextra Taken Off Market; Celebrex Gets Warning

Other Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Also to Carry Warnings of Heart, Stomach Risks

Risks Are Real

"I think it's probably true that all of these medications probably have risks," says Lindsey. "Physicians and patients have to get together [and decide] what's the best risk/benefit ratio for them. We need better information about how to use these drugs appropriately and safely."

"They may take everything off the market, and you'll have nothing, and that won't be a pretty picture," he says, predicting an increase in narcotic use for pain relief.

Lindsey advises people who have no risk of heart problems or stroke and who have been tolerating their drugs well to "stay with the medicine until they get to their doctor and discuss what they're going to try next."

Scott Zashin, MD a rheumatologist in private practice in Dallas, says that placing strict warnings on all prescription NSAIDs was appropriate. "We've known that these drugs increase risk, but most doctors will put patients on these drugs and not even check blood pressure after a couple of weeks," he says.


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