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    Overcoming Osteoarthritis

    One in five American adults has osteoarthritis. How can you live fully, with minimal joint pain?

    4 Strategies for Living Well With Osteoarthritis

    Exercises to Ease Osteoarthritis Pain & Stiffness
    The right exercise takes stress off your joints. What should you do? How do you start? Try these 8 exercises for women with osteoarthritis.
    Treatments for Osteoarthritis Joint Pain
    From simple pain relievers to prescription drugs or surgery, know all of your options for treating osteoarthritis pain.
    Stress Reduction to Improve Your Osteoarthritis
    Yes, there is a link between stress and osteoarthritis pain. Understand the mind/body connection. Learn to manage stress -- and ease your pain.
    Assistive Devices Ease Daily Life With Osteoarthritis
    Simple devices for people with osteoarthritis can help you bathe, cook, clean, and get dressed with relative ease. Find 4 tips for every room.

    Questions for Your Doctor

    1. 1.Will my osteoarthritis improve on its own?
    2. 2.What form of exercise would you recommend?
    3. 3.Should I make any changes to my diet?
    4. 4.What pain medication would be best for me right now?

    Alternative Therapy for Osteoarthritis

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin: Can Supplements Ease the Pain?
    Glucosamine and chondroitin are the building blocks for cartilage, and ease pain for some people with osteoarthritis. Who can they help? Who can they hurt?
    Acupuncture & Mind-Body Therapies for Osteoarthritis
    Is alternative therapy right for you? Mind-body therapy, acupuncture, and bioelectric therapy are growing in popularity. Find out why.
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