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4. Tap Your Connections

Hang out with family and friends. Sometimes, you’ll want to stay home, especially when your symptoms bug you. But you'll feel calmer and more relaxed if you get together with people you like. Meet for coffee, go for a walk, check out a concert -- whatever it is, save time and energy to socialize.

You can meet new people through volunteer work. That can help you make friends -- plus, it always makes you feel better when you help others.

Want to talk about what you feel with someone who understands your condition because they have it, too? Check with your doctor or the National Psoriasis Foundation to find psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis support groups in your area or online.

5. Be Upbeat

Try to look on the sunny side when you consider your setbacks and struggles. Take a realistic look at your problems, and with a can-do approach, you’re more likely to see solutions.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Partner with your doctor and loved ones. You may also want to talk with a professional counselor if you’re going through a rough time. When you team up, you dial down stress and its symptoms.

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