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Psoriatic Arthritis and Your Feet

Stretches for Psoriatic Arthritis of the Foot

Though it can be difficult to move around when you have psoriatic arthritis of the foot, exercising is one of the best ways to reduce your symptoms and improve the range of motion in your joints.

Doing certain stretches on a regular basis may also help increase flexibility and lessen pain:

  • Achilles tendon stretch. Stand with your back and one foot against a wall, with your other foot slightly in front of you. Keeping both heels on the floor, lean into your front foot to stretch the Achilles tendon of your rear foot. Repeat three times, holding for 10 seconds each time, and then switch feet.
  • Big toe stretch. Hook a large rubber band around your big toes. Using the muscles of your feet (not your legs), pull your big toes as far away from each other (in the direction of your other toes). Repeat 10 times, holding for five seconds each time.
  • Five toe stretch. Put a rubber band around all the toes on each foot and stretch the toes apart as wide as you can. Repeat 10 times, holding for five seconds each time.

If you don't see any improvement in your psoriatic arthritis of the foot after doing at-home exercise and stretching, ask your doctor about a referral to a physical therapist. A physical therapist can work with you to improve your flexibility and comfort.

You may also find that using cold packs on your feet reduces swelling and helps maintain and improve flexibility and range of motion.

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Reviewed by David Zelman, MD on September 06, 2014
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