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    Rate Your Asthma Symptoms

    Tracking your asthma symptoms is key to living well.
    When do you cough most? How often do you feel fatigued? Here's how to begin to rate your asthma symptoms.

    What's Behind Adult-Onset Asthma?

    Hormones, allergies, and some illnesses can trigger adult- onset asthma. Find out why asthma strikes in adulthood.

    Causes of Adult-Onset Asthma

    Children and Asthma: Know the Risks

    Asthma affects nearly 1 in 10 children, and the rate is
    rising. What makes a child most at risk for asthma?

    8 Risk Factors

    9 Most Common Asthma Symptoms

    Wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing. You may know those asthma symptoms. Here are some you may not know.

    Top Asthma Symptoms

    A New Era in Asthma Treatment: Personalized Medicine

    Personalized Asthma Care

    Are you getting asthma treatments that are right for your body, your age, and your background?

    Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Asthma Triggers

    Stress and anxiety can induce asthma symptoms.

    Do hidden asthma triggers fill your house?

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    How would you rate your asthma?