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Developing an Asthma Action Plan


Print Out Asthma Action Plan continued...

NOTE: Call the doctor if you or other family member keeps dropping into the yellow zone. The green zone plan may need to be changed to prevent this.


RED ZONE: Medical Alert -- This is an Emergency!
Red zone means you or your family member, including teenagers and children, need urgent medical care. Symptoms may include frequent, severe cough; severe shortness of breath; wheezing; trouble talking and walking; and rapid breathing. Peak flow is less than 50% of personal best.

ACTION: Reversal of symptoms

  • Take these medicines: Albuterol with spacer ______ or _______ in nebulizer.
  • ADD: __________________.
  • Give your child albuterol two puffs or nebulizer treatment with Xopenex or albuterol.
  • If there is no change, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.
  • If you or your family member (including teenagers and children) has trouble walking or talking, is gasping for air, has blue lips or fingernails, or is unable to do a peak flow, this is an emergency. CALL 9-1-1.
  • If symptoms improve but do not go away completely, return to the yellow zone plan and follow the instructions. Call your doctor for further advice.


Print Name:

Remember to take the asthma diary and asthma action plan to each doctor visit so the doctor can assess how well the treatment plan is working.


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Reviewed by Hansa D. Bhargava, MD on February 28, 2012
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