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    Asthma Treatments: Inhaled Steroids & Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

    Which asthma medication is right for your child?

    Tips for helping your child use an asthma nebulizer at home.

    Parents: Helping Your Child With Asthma

    Asthma and Young Children: Frequently Asked Questions
    Why is the rate of asthma in children rising? How do you give a toddler inhaled asthma medications? Find answers to parents' questions here.
    Developing an Asthma Action Plan for Your Child
    You can prevent most asthma attacks with a simple asthma action plan. Print WebMD's Asthma Action Plan to help keep your child in the safe green zone.

    Children & Asthma: 12 Questions for Your Doctor

    1. 1.What changes can we make at home to help my child?
    2. 2.Is it safe for my child to play sports?
    3. 3.How should I talk to my child about asthma?
    4. 4.What should I expect from the asthma treatment?
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    Which asthma symptom bothers your child the most?