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    Asthma Health Center

    Medical Reference Related to Asthma

    1. Natural Asthma Remedies

      Get more information about the use of alternative therapies used for asthma treatment.

    2. Frequently Asked Questions About Asthma

      The experts at WebMD answer frequently asked questions about asthma.

    3. Asthma Resources

      Other resources for learning about asthma are provided by WebMD.

    4. Asthma Glossary of Terms

      A glossary of terms and definitions associated with asthma is provided by WebMD.

    5. Allergies and Asthma

      WebMD looks at the link between allergies and asthma.

    6. Asthma Attack

      Learn the early warning signs of an asthma attack and how it's properly treated.

    7. Asthma and the Peak Flow Meter

      The experts at WebMD explain how to manage your asthma using a peak flow meter.

    8. Asthma in Children and Infants

      Learn more about asthma in children and infants, from symptoms to diagnosis and treatment.

    9. Asthmatic Bronchitis

      WebMD discusses asthmatic bronchitis, including whether it's contagious and its symptoms, causes, and treatment.

    10. Asthma Causes and Triggers

      Do you know the most common causes of asthma? Learn more about your own asthma triggers.

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    When Is Your Asthma Worse?

    When Is Your Asthma Worse?

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