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  1. Treating Asthma: Preventing Damage to the Airways

    Is your asthma under control? If you're like most people, you probably think it is. You feel OK most of the time, so you usually don't need medicine. When your asthma flares up, a puff from your trusty emergency inhaler solves the problem -- most of the time, at least. But experts say that if you ha

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  2. Chronic Cough: Common and Often Vexing

    Nov. 2, 2005 -- Chronic cough -- coughing for three weeks or more -- affects many people and often hampers their quality of life, Mayo Clinic doctors report. Kaiser Lim, MD, and colleagues studied patients with chronic cough at the Mayo Clinic. They found that chronic cough often touched many aspect

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  3. Exercise Doesn't Worsen Asthma

    Oct. 21, 2005 -- Exercise can trigger asthma symptoms, but that doesn't mean that people with asthma shouldn't exercise, a comprehensive new review shows. Researchers concluded that just like everyone else, people with asthma benefit from regular exercise. Asthmatics who exercised had better cardiop

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  4. Your Pillows Are Full of Fungus

    Oct. 14, 2005 - Fungal spores fill our pillows, British researchers report. Science has already alerted us to the unsavory fact that tiny dust mites populate the pillows on which we sleep. But that's not the end of the gross-out, thanks to Ashley Woodcock, MD, professor of respiratory medicine at th

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  5. Budget-Friendly Home Asthma Program Works

    Oct. 13, 2005 -- A home-based plan to ease kids' asthma symptoms works and may be cost-effective, a new study shows. The study included 800 children aged 5 to 11 with moderate to severe asthma. Most were black or Hispanic children living in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods, where asthma rates te

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  6. Live the Rural Life, Avoid Asthma?

    Oct. 10, 2005 -- The golden rule of real estate -- location, location, location -- may apply to your lungs' health, a new asthma study shows. In the study, people living in rural Scotland had some health advantages over their big-city peers: Less likely to have asthma Less likely to have general res

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  7. Lowering the Costs of Asthma Treatment

    Asthma treatment has made enormous strides in recent years. With improved care and better medicines, most people can control their condition and live full, normal lives. But not everyone is benefiting. For the millions of people in the U.S. with low incomes and little or no insurance, the high costs

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  8. Arthritis Drug May Ease Severe Asthma

    Sept. 14, 2005 - A drug commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis may also help people with a difficult-to-treat form of severe asthma, according to early research. A small study in the journal Thorax shows that people with severe asthma treated with twice- weekly injections of the drug Enbrel exp

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  9. Bacteria By-product in Dust May Trigger Asthma

    Sept. 9, 2005 - Bacteria by-products in household dust can trigger asthma, scientists report. The by-products are called endotoxins. Adults living in homes with high endotoxin levels were more likely to have asthma, write Peter Thorne, PhD, and colleagues. Thorne works at the University of Iowa's En

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  10. Are Home Air Cleaners Worth the Money?

    Sept. 6, 2005 - The product testing group Consumers Union says even the best home air cleaners may not be worth the money when it comes to improving your health. In a report published in the October issue of its magazine, Consumer Reports, the group rated the effectiveness of the popular room air cl

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