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    Diesel Danger: Which City Tops the List?

    Report: Diesel Pollution Expected to Kill 21,000 by Year 2010

    Diesel Deaths and Cities continued...

    The report based its estimates on the same models used by the Environmental Protection Agency to determine the health impact of pollutants, the authors say.

    But a diesel industry representative criticizes the report, noting that the health estimates in it use 1999 data that do not accurately reflect lower particulate levels seen today.

    "They're overstating the risk. They're using data that is six years old in this case," says Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. Overall diesel emissions dropped 37% between 1990 and 2000.

    The Clinton administration set low-diesel standards for trucks and buses, followed by restrictions for farm and construction equipment put in place by the EPA under the Bush administration.

    Frank O'Donnell, director of the group Clean Air Watch, says environmental lobbyists will be looking toward an energy bill expected soon in Congress for increased spending on filters for existing diesel engines. Schaeffer says his industry supports the spending for public vehicles.

    RankCityDeaths per 100,000 Adults
    1 Beaumont, Texas 29
    2 Baton Rouge, La.27
    3 New York25
    4 Philadelphia 22
    5 Trenton, N.J.20
    6 Baltimore, Md.19
    7Huntington, W.Va.18
    8 New Orleans17
    9 Pittsburgh, Pa.15
    10 Cincinnati15
    11 Boston15
    13Mobile, Ala.14
    14 Longview, Wash.14
    15 Houston 14
    16Allentown, Pa.14
    17Cleveland 14
    18Toledo, Ohio14
    19Los Angeles14
    20 Lancaster, Pa.14
    21Scranton, Pa. 14
    22 St. Louis14
    23 Reading, Pa.14
    24 Lake Charles, La.14
    25 Springfield, Ohio13
    26 Portland, Ore.13
    27 Bridgeport, Conn.13
    28 Harrisburg, Pa. 12
    29York, Pa.12
    30Wheeling, W.Va.12
    31Lebanon, Pa. 12
    32 Evansville, Ind.12
    33 Memphis, Tenn. 12
    34Savannah, Ga.12
    35Dayton, Ohio 12
    36Vineland, N.J.12
    37 Tampa, Fla. 12
    38 Louisville, Ky.12
    39Sandusky, Ohio 12
    40Kankakee, Ill.12
    41San Francisco 12
    42 Muncie, Ind.11
    43 Duluth, Minn.11
    44 Michigan City, Ind.11
    45Salt Lake City 11
    46New Haven, Conn.11
    47Steubenville, Ohio11
    48 Milwaukee, Wis. 11
    49 South Bend, Ind.11
    50 Detroit 11

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