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Baby Furniture Needs for Twins

Pregnancy: your admission ticket to the dizzying aisles of your local baby superstore. There are so many adorable things to buy for your babies' room. But what do you need to get right away and what could wait until later?

Shhh ... The Babies Are Sleeping

Twins are comforted by having their womb-mate close by when they sleep. So during the early months, you can probably have them share a sleep space.

Many moms of twins report that they learn to sleep according to the same schedule -- or at least sleep through each other's awakenings -- if you keep them in the same room.

Often new parents will invest in their babies' crib first. But you might not need to. Research shows that newborns and young infants are safest from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) when sleeping in the same room with their parents so you may consider placing the crib in your room.

Right Away: Bassinet, Cradle, or Sidecar. Keeping your babies close by in a bassinet, cradle, or sidecar co-sleeper also makes feeding easier during those first sleep-deprived months!

Later: Crib and Mattress. When you do get your babies' crib, make sure it meets safety standards -- especially if a friend is handing down hers, or you're shopping at garage sales. Drop-side cribs were banned from sale in 2011. Keep in mind you often have to buy the mattress separately.

As they grow, of course, your twins will want and need their own space, and that will mean two cribs. Since twins can put a toll on your budget, you may be inclined to accept hand-me-downs or shop garage sales for cribs.

Time to Change the Babies

You’re going to have to change your babies' diapers right from the start. So this is an area you need to have ready.

Right Away: Changing Area. You have several options for setting up a changing table.

  • Buy a specially designed changing table, which will usually have 2-inch guard rails around all sides of the changing area for extra safety. They're also designed to be at the right height for changing little ones.
  • Repurpose almost any mid-height dresser by attaching a soft, contoured changing pad with a concave middle and higher sides. Make sure the changing pad has safety straps, and always secure them when you're changing your babies' diapers. Babies can roll off the table in the blink of an eye.
  • Just change your babies on the floor: Invest in one or two folding, portable changing pads with zippered pockets for diapers, wipes, and cream.

Right Away: Diaper Pail. Place this near the changing table. There are dozens of options, from simple pails with lids to "flip it and forget it" models. Some require their own special liners and others can use any kitchen garbage bag. Just make sure that your pail can be shut tightly for sanitation and safety.

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