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    Becoming a Father of Twins While Remaining a Good Partner

    As a new father, balancing your roles as parent, partner, and (possibly) breadwinner is tough. You suddenly have a lot more to do and a lot less time to do it. Here are some tips on how to handle it.

    Pitch in with baby care. New babies seem so tiny and fragile that you may feel more comfortable hanging back and letting your partner handle things. But you need to dive in. The only way to become confident at giving baths, changing diapers, or rocking your babies to sleep is to do it. If you don't get involved right at the start, you'll lose an important chance to connect with your babies. Your partner is bound to start grumbling, too.

    Help your partner. If your partner has just given birth, she's been through the wringer. She's physically and mentally exhausted, in pain, and struggling with her new responsibilities, such as breastfeeding. Ask her what she needs. You may not have the time, energy, or money to give her a weekend at a spa. But little kindnesses -- like giving her the afternoon to see a movie with a friend -- can make a big difference to her right now.

    Expect mixed emotions. If you're a new father, some days you'll feel that having children was the best decision you ever made. Other days, you will think, "Why on earth did we decide to change our lives?" That's normal. Don't feel guilty about it. Your partner has probably thought the same thing. It will take time for you both to adjust to your new life together.

    Connect with your partner. Do you and your partner feel more like childcare workers and less like the couple you used to be? Take every chance you get to reconnect. When grandma can watch your babies for an hour, take your partner out for a walk or a drive. Even spending just a few minutes alone to share morning coffee will help.

    Remember that your work is important. If you're the chief breadwinner, you may feel guilty about going off to work while your partner is at home with the babies. Remember that you're fulfilling a key role by providing for your family.

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