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    Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring

    What To Think About

    • Not everyone feels the same about fetal monitoring.
      • Some mothers think that fetal heart monitoring is not needed and interferes with the natural birthing process.
      • Other mothers think that fetal heart monitoring is reassuring. This may be true if they had problems with earlier pregnancies.
    • Fetal monitoring can't predict every type of problem, such as birth defects. Normal fetal heart monitoring test results do not mean that your baby is healthy.
    • Continuous monitoring during labor is more likely to be useful for high-risk pregnancies. Intermittent fetal heart monitoring during labor is as effective as continuous monitoring in low-risk pregnancies.
    • If your baby appears to be having problems, sometimes a blood sample is taken from a small blood vessel (capillary) in his or her scalp. The blood sample can help determine if your baby is receiving enough oxygen.
    • Your baby may move more if you eat or drink juice before having a nonstress test. This may make the test results more useful.
    • Sometimes other methods (such as ringing a bell near the uterus) are used to cause changes in your baby's heart rate.
    • External fetal heart monitoring is used during other tests of fetal health, such as a nonstress test, contraction stress test, and biophysical profile.

    Other Places To Get Help


    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

    Related Information


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