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Centering Yourself for a Healthy Pregnancy

Frustrated by short prenatal visits that leave you with more questions than answers? You might be a candidate for the latest trend in prenatal care.
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Bundling. It's a term you probably associate more with your phone/cable/ Internet provider than your health care provider.

But that could soon change, thanks to a new model of prenatal care called "centering pregnancy." According to Yale researcher Jeannette Ickovics, PhD, the program "bundles" together essential health assessment and education services in a very special social setting. Much like the best Internet plans, Ickovics says the program is chock full of value-added premiums for mother and baby.

"This is not one-stop prenatal care shopping; there is a synergistic effect to what we are doing so you get a set of value-added services, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It's bundling for the mother-to-be!" says Ickovics, who's studying this new form of prenatal care and comparing it with traditional care.

The real goal of centering pregnancy: to do away with those frustratingly short and frequently impersonal prenatal visits and replace them with longer, more meaningful, and more productive sessions lasting up to three hours in length.

The catch: Each visit involves an obstetrician or midwife -- and 10 women, all with similar due dates.

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"It is the group model of care. It has worked in many areas of medicine, and we believe it can not only work in, but exceed the current model of, prenatal care," says Sharon Rising, RNM, a midwife and creator and executive director of Centering Pregnancy.

Currently group care is being utilized in health settings ranging from the treatment of diabetes and heart disease to a variety of geriatric concerns. And there are now more than 60 centering pregnancy group care programs in place nationwide, many of them initially funded by contributions from the March of Dimes.

Much like regular prenatal care, each centering pregnancy program begins with a lengthy, private visit and thorough exam with an obstetrician or midwife. But this is where the similarity to standard care ends.

Indeed, what follows is approximately 10, two- to three-hour prenatal group visits featuring 10 women and their health care provider.

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