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Dads Who Delivered

Live from Iraq continued...

From 9:15 a.m. Minnesota time (6:15 p.m. in Iraq) until 3 p.m. (midnight in Iraq), Colin watched the action from thousands of miles away. The webcam was set up near Lori's head, so he could see and hear everything. Colin also sent instant messages, which would pop up on the webcam: "Just before it was time to push," says Lori, "Colin wrote, 'I love you. I am very proud of you.' I started crying. That's when it really hit me that he wasn't there." Adds Colin, "I missed not being able to hold her hand."

Skylyn, a healthy baby girl, was born at 3 p.m., weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces. "She looks exactly like Colin, has the same personality, and even similar facial expressions," says Lori. "She's sweet, happy, and easygoing."

Colin finally met Skylyn in November of last year, when he had 15 days of "R&R" time to spend at home before returning to Iraq. (He is scheduled to come home for good this fall.) On his first night back, Colin fed his 5monthold daughter a bottle and put her to sleep. "It was so wonderful holding my youngest child and looking into her eyes," he says. "I can't wait to spend more time with her."

Dad to the Rescue

Last August, firefighter Tom Gould was on call at the station when his wife, Sarah, phoned to say that she was in labor, with contractions coming strong at seven minutes apart.

He rushed home that night and found his wife in bed, writhing in pain. "I called the doctor and told him we were on the way to the hospital," says Tom, 35. Then he phoned the babysitter down the street — she had promised to watch their 3yearold son, Daniel, who was fast asleep.

Tom was having trouble getting his wife down the stairs alone because she was having such intense contractions. "I really felt like I couldn't move," says Sarah, 32. So Tom, who is also a paramedic, called for backup. Within six minutes, his coworkers at the fire department had arrived in an ambulance. "My wife kept telling me she was ready to push, and I kept saying, 'Don't push! Don't push! Breathe!'" says Tom. "I knew we still had a 25minute ride to the hospital ahead of us."

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