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    1. Is There a Nurse in the House?

      Sept. 3, 2001 -- WANTED: Nurses with background in mental health, pediatrics, pharmaceuticals, education, public health, and chronic diseases. All applicants must be willing to keep eyes open for potential violent behavior and medication errors. Willingness to work with teachers, parents a MUST. Sou

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    2. Your Baby Wants Body Art

      Aug. 27, 2001 -- Ear piercing was once a rite of passage for girls -- the slumber party, the ice cubes, mom's sewing needle. But it's a new world out there. Hot role models like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are inspiring younger and younger kids to ask their parents for navel rings, tongue

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    3. Back to Basics for Moms-to-Be

      Aug. 20, 2001 -- When I was pregnant with my daughter almost two years ago, I was told about the overwhelming rush of love I would feel toward her -- but nobody warned me about the overwhelming upper back pain that would come along with caring for a newborn 24-7. Like most infants, Josie wanted to b

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    4. School of Hard Knocks

      July 30, 2001 -- "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down," says a proverb from Japan, a nation where conformity to the social norm is prized. In the U.S., we like to think we celebrate the individual and are tolerant of different ideas, cultures, and ways of living. But the mirror we hold up to

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    5. When 'Labor Day' Comes Early

      July 23, 2001 -- From cancer to diabetes to heart disease, medical advances have been impressive over the past few decades. But there is one area where doctors have not made as much progress -- preventing preterm labor. For many reasons -- increasing maternal age, rising rates of multiple births tha

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    6. Kindness Is Contagious

      July 16, 2001 -- Like many others around the world, psychologist Jonathan Haidt, PhD, recalls the first time he heard South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela speak after his release from prison. Jailed since the early 1960s, Mandela emerged in 1990 urging reconciliation and cooperation in b

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    7. What Would You Do to Have a Baby?

      July 9, 2001 -- The urge to reproduce -- to pass on one's own genetic material at any cost -- can lead animals to attack and kill rivals, mates, and unrelated young. But humans have evolved beyond all that -- haven't we? Not so fast. We may not be killing to create, but read the headlines and you ma

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    8. Whatever Happened to Gym Class?.

      July 2, 2001 -- Like millions of Americans, Ernie Prado and Brittany Keele work out as much as possible to stay in shape. They do so at a high-tech fitness facility that allows them to race stationary bicycles on virtual courses against computer-generated opponents, and keep track of their fitness l

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    9. Traveling for Two: Advice for Pregnant Vacationers

      Schlepping bags through an airport and long car rides in an automobile are not the most memorable aspects of anyone's vacation -- and if you already happen to be carrying a little extra baggage these days because you're pregnant, those memories may be all you will remember unless you plan your trip

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    10. When a Mother Abandons Her Baby

      June 25, 2001 -- The news reports are sporadic, but chilling: infant found in Dumpster, in river. Five years ago, Debi Faris was standing in her kitchen making dinner when one such news report came on TV. A newborn boy had been found dead, stuffed in a bag tossed along a Los Angeles freeway. "I thou

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