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    1. When a Mother Abandons Her Baby

      June 25, 2001 -- The news reports are sporadic, but chilling: infant found in Dumpster, in river. Five years ago, Debi Faris was standing in her kitchen making dinner when one such news report came on TV. A newborn boy had been found dead, stuffed in a bag tossed along a Los Angeles freeway. "I thou

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    2. Spying on Your kids

      June 18, 2001 -- Parents today can use technological marvels to monitor their children -- devices no one even heard of just a few years ago. Nannycams. Programs that keep a list of every web site your child visits. Dime-sized devices attached to a backpack or watchband that tell you where your child

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    3. Turning Tragedy Into a Cause

      May 21, 2001 -- Harrison Struttman loved to watch boats cruise along the Missouri River. The 2-year-old from St. Louis would take his eyes off the water just long enough to watch a train roar by. But his favorite pastimes led to his death after two toddlers playing in a nearby van shifted the vehicl

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    4. Keeping Kids Safe at Summer Camp

      From nature walks to cookouts to sing-a-longs -- camp has many fun and exciting things to offer kids freed from school and homework during the long, hot summer months. But before packing your child off to camp, you should get to know what medical and safety services are available -- or not, as the c

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    5. Giving Baby a Chance, Before Birth

      April 30, 2001 -- Kelly Hasten was 17 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound showed that her baby likely would be born with spina bifida, a serious birth defect that can cause devastating, lifelong disability. "Once they told me there was a spinal problem, I said surely there was something that could be

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    6. Kids and Petting Zoos

      Five cases of life-threatening kidney failure highlight the needs for parents to take special precautions when their child visits a petting zoo. According to published repots, five children in Florida have developed a condition that likely stems from contact with animals infected with a strain of E.

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    7. Pregnancy 101: Things Mom Never Told You

      April 16, 2001 -- There's no doubt about it, pregnancy is a time of discovery and surprises. But for many moms-to-be, the journey includes some symptoms for which they may be unprepared. In the spirit of full disclosure, we've gathered a group of new or pregnant moms and persuaded them to tell all.

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    8. Can Dad's Diet Make a Healthier Baby?

      April 2, 2001 -- Advice abounds for women who are trying to get or are already pregnant. Alcohol and tobacco are taboo, for example, while fitness and healthy diets are big plusses. All that attention might leave fathers-to-be feeling left out. But now, doctors say there may be something new that pr

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    9. Making Sure Kids Get the Message

      March 26, 2001 -- Lois Thomson-Bowersock taught her two sons plenty about drug and alcohol abuse. After all, as a recovering alcoholic, she knew what she was talking about. "By the time either one of my kids was 12, I'm sure they could give a presentation on alcohol and drugs," says Thomson-Bowersoc

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    10. Aiming to Avoid the Scalpel

      March 19, 2001 -- Kathy Schuler dreaded the thought of a cesarean section. She had seen friends struggle through recovery and hated the idea of being cut open. But after five hours of labor and signs that her baby might be in trouble, there usually was no other choice in cases such as hers. Until no

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