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    1. 7 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

      You are ready to get pregnant . Now . Once you are ready to start a family, waiting is the last thing you want to do. Although Mother Nature has a hand in the timing, there are some things you can do -- or not do -- to help increase your chances of getting pregnant ASAP. Read on for seven expert-app

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    2. Will I Ever Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back?

      In every issue of WebMD the Magazine, we ask our experts to answer readers' questions about a wide range of topics. In our November-December 2011 issue, we gave Sarah McMoyler, RN, a question about getting back in shape after having a baby. Q: I was in good shape before I got pregnant. How will I ev

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    3. Getting Pregnant: Easy Ways to Encourage Fertility

      For some couples, getting pregnant is quick and easy. For others, things are not as easy. Sometimes, problems are linked to such specific physiological issues as blocked fallopian tubes in the woman or low to no sperm count in the man -- problems that can be addressed by a fertility specialist and s

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    4. Foods to Avoid When You're Pregnant

      When you’re expecting, what you eat and drink influences your child’s health, possibly forever. Everyday foods and beverages take on new meaning, as some may present a danger to your developing baby. Whole and lightly processed foods, such as whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, legumes,

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    5. Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

      In every issue of WebMD the Magazine, we ask our experts to answer readers' questions about a wide range of topics. In our July-August 2011 issue, Sarah McMoyler, RN, a WebMD pregnancy expert, answered a question about sex during pregnancy. A: Yes, it is safe to have sex unless your pregnancy is hig

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    6. Pregnancy Stages: Your Baby, Your Body

      Congratulations, you're pregnant! And you're probably curious and a little anxious about what's going to happen with your body and your baby over the next nine months. Here are some highlights. For most women, especially first-time moms, it's almost impossible for anyone to tell they're pregnant dur

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    7. Birthing Classes: Which Style Is for You?

      Are childbirth classes for everyone? Two Columbia University childbirth experts -- Mary Lake Polan, MD, PhD, MPH, an adjunct professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology, and Jeanne M. Coulehan, CNM, MPH, clinical practice manager and midwife in the division of maternal-fetal medicine --

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    8. What Can I Do About Morning Sickness?

      In every issue of WebMD the Magazine, we ask our experts to answer readers' questions about a wide range of topics. In our July-August 2011 issue, Hansa Bhargava, MD, a pediatrician, answered a question about dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy. A: So-called morning sickness affects about

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    9. Danica McKellar Talks Pregnancy, Childbirth -- and Algebra

      Do natural childbirth and the quadratic equation share a common denominator? It just might be Danica McKellar, the former child actress who first stole hearts as Winnie Cooper on the late '80s hit show The Wonder Years before carving out a new niche as a math advocate for girls with three best-selli

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    10. What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?

      By Elise Nersesian-Solé Kilee Nickels, 24, stay-at-home mom Children: 21 month and 4 month old boys Best time to have a baby? Early 20s I got married at the age of 20. At the time, I was studying for a degree in nutrition. School is important, but I wanted to be a mom first. I was pregnant at age 21

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