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Life With Twins: Amanda Gifford's Story

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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Amanda Gifford and her husband, Kenneth, are the parents of 9-month-old twins Ethan and Abigail, who were conceived the second time the couple tried IVF and were born eight weeks premature. Their first IVF attempt led to a pregnancy that miscarried. They live in Delta, Colo. 

Amanda spoke to WebMD about her experiences:

I really wanted to transfer three [embryos] the next time, because of that experience. But my lovely doctor talked me out of it, and we transferred two and had twins. So I'm very glad that they talked me out of transferring three!

My doctors were very up front [about the chance of having] multiples. I'm 26; my husband is 30. For our age range, the chance of twins with transferring two embryos is, like, 60% -- pretty high.

I would have to they say didn't really give very many risks for twins. They pretty much made it sound like it would be reasonable pregnancy.

But when I started talking to my new doctor about transferring three, she was very clear that it was a high risk [of prematurity and long-term complications]. She did give me a lot of information about that, and that ultimately is what swayed my decision to not transfer three.

There's times when people say, 'Put 'em all in I'm tired, this is my last shot.' And they're there to keep you from doing things like that. That's their job.

I was willing to risk twins. I wasn't so much willing to risk triplets.

Amanda was surprised by how hard her pregnancy was.

I'm young and I'm very fit, and so I expected my pregnancy to be relatively easy.

I was a delivery driver with FedEx and I worked through the first trimester, and then I went into labor, for unknown reasons, at 20 weeks. It's just really a miracle that they were able to stop it and that I was able to stay pregnant that long.

I ended up in the hospital [on bed rest] for 11 weeks, and they were born eight weeks early.

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