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Pregnancy 101: Things Mom Never Told You

You May Be Expecting -- but Maybe Not Expecting This

Bleeding gums and nosebleeds continued...

"When I went to the dentist in my first trimester, she said my gums bled so much during my cleaning that if she hadn't known I was pregnant, she would have been seriously concerned," says 27-year-old Tracy Jacobs, who is now pregnant with her second baby.

Keeping up with good dental hygiene is a must during pregnancy, says Ruth Shaber, MD, the women's health leader for Northern California's Kaiser Permanente Hospital. So keep brushing and flossing as usual throughout pregnancy, pink toothbrush or not, she says.

Changes in sex drive

Jessica recalls a surprising surge in her sex drive during the second trimester of her pregnancy. "I wanted to have sex all the time," she says. "It seemed as if I wasn't having it, I was thinking about it -- I had sex on the brain!"

Her sex drive overdrive continued right up to the final month of her pregnancy. "It's strange because I didn't exactly feel like my body was attractive, but I didn't care," she says.

"Sex drives can go up and down throughout pregnancy," says Ernst G. Bartsich, MD, associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Cornell Medical Center in New York City. "Women should follow their instincts and feelings," he says, and fears that having sex will hurt the baby are unfounded.

So unless a woman is experiencing a problem, such as bleeding, let the games begin!

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