Top Pregnancy Stories of 2008: Readers' Choice

Here are some of the most viewed pregnancy stories of the year.

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It seems readers are in a hurry for baby, seeking tips to get pregnant faster and boost their fertility. Choosing a baby name also made the list during a big year for celebrity babies.

Those topics are among the most viewed pregnancy stories on WebMD for 2008.

  1. Easy Ways to Encourage Fertility
  2. Separating Pregnancy Myths and Facts
  3. Can Diet and Timing Decide Baby's Sex?
  4. 7 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster
  5. Stretch Marks Getting Under Your Skin
  6. Choosing Your Baby's Name
  7. 11 Things You Didn't Know About Twin Pregnancies
  8. Memory Lapse? It May Be Pregnancy Brain
  9. Study: Quit Caffeine While Pregnant
  10. Cell Phones Risky During Pregnancy?
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