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    Conception Myths

    Do orgasms during sex increase your chance of getting pregnant? Can you time intercourse so that you’ll have a boy or a girl?

    There are no silly questions when it comes to conception, Yvette Smith, MD, says in WebMD’s Trying to Conceive Community. In order to know what’s true, it’s important to ask questions about the “facts” or assumptions you’ve heard about getting pregnant.

    Smith clears up some myths about conceiving:

    • Myth: Certain positions are important for conceiving.
      Truth: Any position is OK for conception, as long as intercourse is vaginal.
    • Myth: Orgasm increases the rate of conception.
      Truth: A woman's orgasm is not necessary for conception.
    • Myth: You can dramatically increase the chance of having a boy or girl based on the timing of intercourse.
      Truth: We really can’t control the sex of a child by timed intercourse.
    • Myth: Getting pregnant right away the first time means you will the next time. Or the opposite: If it takes a long time to get pregnant the first time, it will also take a long time the next time.
      Truth: Getting pregnant is more like rolling dice: Sometimes you hit the number the first time; sometimes you have to roll a few times. How long it takes can be different every time.

    One woman asked if the foods you eat can influence the sex of your baby. She had heard that you’re more likely to have a boy if you eat more carbs and proteins. Smith said that diet doesn’t impact a baby’s sex. A healthy diet and lifestyle are what’s important when you’re trying to conceive.

    Do you want to know if something you heard is a conception myth or fact?

    Discussion led by Yvette Smith, MD, MPH Guest Expert
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