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Tips and resources on fertility and getting pregnant.

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Conception Myths and Facts

As a fertility specialist, WebMD guest expert Hyacinth Nicole Brown, MD, hears a lot of myths about conception. In a WebMD Community discussion, she shares some of her favorites.

If my partner pulls out before ejaculating, I won't get pregnant. Myth, Brown says. A small amount of semen can get into the vagina before ejaculating. That's enough to get you pregnant.

Lifting up my legs after intercourse will increase my chances of getting pregnant. Myth, Brown says. It doesn't have any effect. However, lying on your back for 10-15 minutes afterward does make it more likely the semen stays in the vaginal canal.

What are the craziest conception myths you've ever heard?

Discussion led by Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD Guest Expert
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