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    The Basics on Egg Freezing

    Some women need to delay pregnancy until later. Usually, it's for health reasons, like upcoming medical treatment or a high risk of ovarian failure. In these cases, freezing eggs can help.

    Why? It's easier to get pregnant with "younger" eggs. You have some eggs removed now and have them frozen. When you're ready to get pregnant later, the eggs are fertilized -- using IVF -- and implanted. While you'll be older, the eggs won't be. It's like freezing your biological clock.

    IVF with frozen eggs works as well as traditional IVF. Nowadays, some clinics offer this procedure even to healthy women who just want to put off pregnancy. Just keep in mind that it may not work and it's only well-studied in specific groups of women, Brown says.

    Have you thought about delaying pregnancy? Why?

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